A New Journey Begins – The Quick Start Challenge

Hello dear friends. This marks a new awakening, a new journey in my internet marketing career. For the last 5 years, I have been like a rolling stone that gathers no moss- moving from one shiny object to the other with no results to show for my efforts. However this changed this week on 6th July 2015 when I joined The Quick Start Challenge 3.0. This is a live 4 week coaching program with Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips.

The program will run live webinars every week for 4 weeks on internet marketing, starting from ground zero and building up each week. The first of these webinars was held on 6th July and lasted slightly under 2 hours inclusive of a Q&A session. The webinar was mainly about aligning oneself for long-term success with the right mind-set. The delivery and quality of the webinar was superb while the Q&A was very interactive. There was an assignment handed over for completion at the end of the session.

Besides the webinars, there is a Quick Start Challenge Face Book Group, which is very active and supportive of each other. It is my intention to attend all live webinars in coming weeks and enjoy the company of other members in the FB Group. I will ensure to keep all my friends posted of my progress in this new blog in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Cheers to Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips!