About Me

    My name is Charles  Chege from Nairobi, Kenya. I am a Certified Public Accountant and a retired banker after working in my country's  premier bank for over 20 years. I retired in 2006 at the prime age of 55 and found myself with a lot of time to do the various things I had always wanted to do while working an office job. Earlier on before I retired , I had been introduced to SFI (Strong Future International) by an online friend. This is an international MLM organisation and I decided to try my luck in it. However without any clue on how to drive traffic to my affiliate generic website I was destined to fail. I also joined other MLM programs such as Empowerism and FSC(Free Store Club).

In between these programs, I also dabbled in HYIPs and various online E-currencies, where I lost heavily. I eventually joined the Affiliate Power Group which is an affiliate mentoring group. The group specialised in SEO traffic generation methods which for me being a non-technical person found it uphill ride.

On Monday July 6th 2015, I entered the Quick Start Challenge  coaching program with Dean Holland, Craig  Crawford and Robert Phillips.  After attending the first session,  I feel confident that I have made  my first step toward financial  freedom. The way this program is structured, the passion and commitment of the trio give me hope that my online success is on the horizon. I have made a personal commitment that I MUST succeed this time round. This is  a commitment I MUST keep.