On Demand Income And Automation

The third session of The Quick Start Challenge held on 20th July 2015, covered the second item in the Success Metric Equation--Traffic+ Conversions=Sales. Dean Holland exhaustively covered the two main subjects relating to Conversions namely List Building and Automation. In this post, I will expound on what was covered in these two topics.

1) List Building:

List building involves building a subscriber base of real people you can communicate with. You do so by attracting people who are interested in the types of products or services you promote, or share a passion for a particular interest. It has variously been said that "the money is in the list". However Dean Holland qualifies this with the emphasis that "the money is in the relationship you have with your list". This ties quite well with KLT (Know,Like and Trust) concept introduced in the last session of the Challenge. Your blog becomes a power tool to create that relationship. Once you have a list of loyal customers, contacts or followers, you can promote an endless supply of niche-related products, services or links in order to drive response.
How do you start building an email list? There are some basic requirements or essentials for building your email list. These are:

-- A good email account.
An ordinary Gmail or Yahoo account is sufficient for this.

-- An Autoresponder.

This is software that takes care of most administrative tasks that come with managing your list. Such tasks include sending out emails according to pre-defined schedules, collecting email addresses of new subscribers, distributing your giveaways and other promotional links e.t.c. While there are dozens of autoresponders, two stand out in terms of service delivery and affordable prices. These are Aweber and Getresponse.

-- A Free Giveaway or Lead Magnet.

This acts as an ethical bribe in exchange of email address or contact information. It attracts people to join your list by providing them with some sort of high value content in exchange for their email address. A good example of this is the Free List Building Report I am giving on my optin form on this page. A Free Giveaway can be either a report, a video,an ebook or software. One can either write it, outsource the creation of it or buy PLR rights to a report that already exists and make some changes. In all cases, one must provide great value to the subscriber.

-- Optin Form or Squeeze/Landing Page.

This is the medium through which subscribers details--name and email address are captured. An optin form can be placed on the first page of your blog--as is the case of my optin form on this page, using a Word press plugin and Aweber or Getresponse templates. An Optin page or Squeeze page is a web page that will serve as an entry point for your prospective subscribers. There are plenty of free and paid tools one can use to set up a squeeze page in just minutes. One can also outsource its creation to freelancers at an affordable price.

2) Automation:

This is the process of connecting your free giveaway or lead magnet to your autoresponder, which in turn connects to your website. It involves implementing a followup sequence in your autoresponder. This involves a series of emails you add that will be sent out at pre-defined time periods that you have set. They may range from one to unlimited emails. Typically the first email in the series, welcomes the subscriber and thanks them for suscribing. It is also in this email that the free giveaway is despatched.
Normally the various autoresponders have detailed tutorials on how to set up the email series. A question arise as to what do you send and how often? The email series should be a mixture of content and relevant promotions both of high quality. The emails can refer subscribers to your blog posts and recommend good quality, helpful products or services- that you are using yourself.
In determining how often to send the emails, flexibility and the need to keep regular, consistent contact should be the key. An email a day in the first 10days is considered ideal. During the next 10days, an email every 2days and every 3 days for the next 10days. In all cases the content and promotions in the emails should be relevant to the niche that the prospect subcribed to.

This covers an overview of the 3rd session of the Quick Start Challenge at the end of which the participants were tasked to;
---Sign up to your chosen Autoresponder
---Obtain a Giveaway or Lead Magnet
---Add an Optin form to your blog side bar
--- Optionally create a Sqeeze page.
In my case I have picked Aweber as my Autoresponder of choice. I have picked a PLR List Building Report and added an Optin Form to the first page of this blog-see above right. I have also set up the optional squeeze page--see http://marketingwithcharles.com/build-my-list-optin-2. The next session will be held on Monday 27th July 2015, and I am anxiously looking forward to it. Keep checking my blog to see my review of the same. Your comments on these reviews are always welcome.