Quick Start Challenge—The Big Beginning

The first session of the Quick Start Challenge held on 6th July, 2015 was headlined "The Big Beginning". It was in deed a big beginning for my renewed internet marketing journey. Though largely introductory by Dean Holland, I took away a few golden nuggets that I would like to share with you:-

-Success starts from within you. One must be prepared to ask oneself hard questions--among them why you really want to make money? Is it only to pay your bills or take a holiday?
-Change is automatic BUT Progress is not. You must take control of your actions in order to progress in life--create your own progress.
-T.M (Time Management)+ E.P (Effective Planning)= Success. Implement time management in your life to increase productivity .

-Identify what tasks and commitments you need to accomplish for a week, a month e.t.c and prioritise them. A Daily Planner Checklist can assist in this.
-The world has become a global village. Acknowledge the changing times and keep pace e.g the internet has has become massively social with the various social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter and Blogs.

The Big Beginning Challenge for the week was to start my own blog or social platform, for sharing regular content on internet marketing and interracting with others. That is how this blog was born. I intend to make it as topical, current, informative and interractive as possible.

You are always welcome here.