The Free Traffic Tap

The second session of The Quick Start Challenge was held on 13th July, 2015. The theme of this session was "The Free Traffic Tap". However before expounding on this theme, Dean Holland introduced the participants to what he called the "Success Metric" represented by Traffic + Conversions= Sales. This put an emphasis on the need of getting targeted visitors to a compelling offer that is optimized to convert those visitors into buyers that makes you sales=$$$.

The traffic lesson introduced two types of traffic namely:

1) Free Traffic. This involves investing time into getting traffic. Examples of these methods include Article writing and Search Engine Optimization. It is however worthwhile to note that time is money and therefore free traffic has a cost.

2) Paid Traffic. This involves investing money into getting traffic. Examples include FaceBook ads,Solo ads, and PPC. This has been referred to as traffic on demand and is the most scalable.

Whichever method one uses, Dean Holland underpinned the importance of 3 aspects of traffic.

1) The Compounding Effects. This is the need for consistent actions to achieve consistent results. One must take action on a proven plan.

2) First Impression Counts. This emphasizes the need to make your blog as active as soon as possible. Getting traffic to your blog helps establish yourself online, and the more people you have following you, the more people you build relationship with. The more people will Know, Like and Trust you.

3) Track Your Traffic. Tracking your traffic is important and arises from your need to know how many visitors you are receiving to your blog/website. Dean Holland suggested the use of free tools such as Google Analytics particularly when one is starting out.

The webinar recommended two main "Free Traffic"methods for driving traffic to your blog. These are:-

1) The SigniTraffic Method:This involves driving traffic to your blog/website through the use of a signature in online forums. One has to become an active member in forums related to his niche. Most niches have forums where people come together and create a social environment. The most popular of such forums in the Internet Marketing niche is the Warrior Forum. Every forum has its own rules which must be followed. One must post valuable input that benefits others. Comments must add value or give an opinion. Forum posting represents a free traffic source as people click on your signature which links to your blog/website. Everyone in the forum is potentially a visitor to your blog.

2) The Blog Hop Method: In this method one hops around other blogs in the same niche, getting involved in the blog posts by leaving comments in response to the posts. Your comments must be relevant to the posts. The more blogs you become an active visitor in, the more exposure you get , and the more traffic you can tap into. Dean Holland implored members of the Quick Start Challenge to use the blogs in the QSC community to comment on each others blog posts. This would leverage each other and help in creating momentum for members business development.

In conclusion, members were challenged to get out of their comfort zone and create a video on their internet marketing journey and upload to both the YouTube and their blogs. The third webinar will be held on 20th July 2015,when Dean Holland will expound on the second part of the Success Metric-Conversions. I am anxiously waiting to see this and I implore you join me in my review of it on this blog.